We are Eric Kondo Racing.
A motorsports group looking to positively promote
not only racing, but motorcycling as a lifestyle.

With 30 plus years associated with the motorcycle industry, Eric Kondo Racing, in partnership with Z2 Racing, is working with young racers moving up through their careers. In partnership with Z2 Track Days, to pass along knowledge and skillsets to those, at any age, who are being introduced to the joys and safety of riding their motorcycle in a performance environment. As well as maintaining and creating, relationships within the industry to positively promote the 2-wheeled lifestyle not only on the track, but the public sector as well via public appearances and assisting safety committees and product feedback.

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Intro To Track

As a member of Z2 Track Days Instructor Team, we are able to provide an introduction to the on-track experience in a safe and organized program.


Working with young riders to enhance their racing skillsets via private training as well as being Race Manager for Z2 Racing Team.


Working with industry and community groups, we participate in public events to positively promote motorcycling.

Product Evaluation

With our years of experience, we can objectively review product for design evaluations and offer private or public review.

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